Colorfest 4-7 pm 

4 pm

Lauren Magarelli & the BeBhakti Band 

(Owner  of BeBhakti yoga studio in Beacon) 

5 pm Dhanya
(born and raised in Venezuela, daughter of Latin Grammy winner Ilan Chester, Conscious Pop & Kirtan


A playful festival to strengthen friends and families with happiness.


Holi, also known as the Colorfest, has its roots in ancient India and the practice of bhakti yoga. Krishna, the Sanskrit name for God, loves to have fun with his friends and family. He plays Holi, throwing colored powders, laughing through His mischievous ways. This festival is a chance for us to do the same, have a day full of laughter and lightheartedness. We host it to create a space for families and friends to reconnect in playfully fun and memorable ways.

Throw, throw, throw!

Time to throw caution to the wind and get messy with colors! You'll find when you do that a sense of freedom and happiness is present. Colors remind us that how we look on the outside doesn't matter at all - we are all equal in our shared humanity and citizenship of the world. We all belong and should be honored with love and respect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be Color for sale?

Yes! Tents around the festival site will have Color available for $5 a pack. For your safety, no outside colors will be allowed into the festival.

Is there an age restriction for this event?

No! We have gone out of our way to create an environment for the whole family to enjoy. No drugs or alcohol are allowed on the campus. Lot's of activities for kids. We have made this festival one for the whole family, a day to remember!

Is there a dress code for the event?

Dress to get covered from head to toe in color! If you don't have anything to wear, purchase a T-shirt at the entrance of the event.