MAIN STAGE • 5:15 PM - 6 PM

Genre of Music // GOSPEL    

Based out of // Newburgh, NY



SALT is an aggregation of musicians?singers whose hearts and minds are set to bring out the God-flavor of this Earth. God's essence is alive and vibrant, affording everyone new life through His son, Jesus. After two successful residencies at The Falcon in Marlboro NY, SALT was formed to spread the goodness of God's love to all. Our name was derived from the Bible passage, Matthew 5:13 [MSG].

It is our sincere desire that all will experience God in an authentic way. And, that, after a moment in His presence, their hearts and minds will be renewed or transformed.

Band Members:

Corey Dandridge,  Melinda Dandridge,  Celeste Smith,  Kim Wojehowski,  Isaiah Little, Jeremiah Trusty, Raphael Williams, Ada Campbell, Emily McAleesejergins, Mike Johnson, James Johnson, Sam Smith, Dan Carillo, Cleveland Best, Derrick James and Neal Spitzer