STAGE 3 : 8:15 - 9:00 p.m.

GENRE : Hardcore




Entropy (NY) is a hardcore punk band from Orange County, New York that bears a striking resemblance to your yearly physical exam. Fast for the most part, really awkward, but at the end of the day, means well. The band started in December of 2012 and manage to play a show and record a demo by the time their second practice was finished. In March of 2013, Entropy (NY) hit the studio with John Naclerio (Lounge, Polar Bear Club, Nightmares for a Week) at Nada Studios and recorded what would become their first EP “Out of Spite” that was released through Say-10/Station 3 Records. After consistently playing shows throughout the region for the remainder of 2013, the band returned to Nada Studios to record their debut full length “All Work, No Plagiarism”, which is to be released in August of 2014. With the sound of an 80’s hardcore punk band, and the social influence of 90’s pop-punk, Entropy (NY) certainly “stands out within a genre that’s plagued by sloppy playing” [For the Love of Punk]. Having accomplished a strong presence in not only their scene, but in the region within a year and a half, the future seems to look bright for Entropy (NY). Hopefully not too bright though, they sunburn real easy.