STAGE 2 : 8:45 - 9:30 p.m.

GENRE : Alternative / Surfer Rock




The Freaky Baby Daddies are an alternative indie rock band based out of Brooklyn. The band’s sound blends Alternative and Progressive rock with undertones of West African, World, Afrobeat, Reggae and Electronic music. The band formed in 2010 (under the name Chaotic Love Under Blacklight) when singer/front man OD Dash and bassist Daddi Longlegz met at an group interview at an art store. After discovering that they both were musicians, the two decided to work together. Not too long afterwards drummer Daddy Magic (who attended high school with OD Dash) joined as the percussionist before becoming the band’s drummer. Quazimodo Jones (former frontman/guitarist for Viva Mayday) joined the band in early 2013.

The band has an array of musical influences ranging from artists like Bob Marley, Steel Pulse, Bad Brains, Jimi Hendrix to bands like Cream, Death, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead, The Mars Volta, Living Colour. Their sound is also influenced by African musicians such as Ali Farka Toure, Fela Kuti, Oumou Sangre, Boubacar Toure and Richard Bona. Quazimodo Jones expresses his take on the development of the sound of the band. “Between the four of us there’s such an outpour of music. We’re constantly discovering different sounds and styles of music. We filter all of our life and musical experiences through the music we create. Though we haven’t known each other for very long, the moment we started playing there was an instant synergy between us, I knew I had found my musical home” 

Despite what most people think, the name "The Freaky Baby Daddies" has little to do with its literal meaning and more so with a multi-faceted philosophy and lifestyle. The name describes the band's relationship with their audience and the exchange of energy that occurs when one performs for a crowd. It also encompasses an understanding and reverence for the cosmic powers of creation, fertility, abundance, life and the myriad of ways these energies can manifest. "We impregnate the crowd with our energy and music, the music is our seed and the audience is at the receiving end of this exchange….many of those seeds have grown and flourished into beautiful relationships with our fans" says drummer Daddy Magic. "Freaky describes the approach to our music...abstract, creative, unconventional. Baby Daddy is just a way of describing ourselves as creators of something new". "Our name pays reverence to the beauty and power of man’s ability to create, be it through a child or an artistic medium it’s a power we all possess, our way is through music" says bassist Daddi Longlegz. 

“The name chose us, really. As we grew as a band (and people) the meaning and philosophy developed within that process”. Vocalist OD Dash goes on further to say "Our name also serves as a way of challenging people's mind and maturity, we don’t want people to focus on the literal meaning so much that they lose sight of the message(s) in our music”

The FBDs have graced the stages of many of New York’s popular venues including S.O.B.’s (Sounds of Brazil), Shrine, Arlene’s Grocery, Sullivan Hall, Webster Hall and most recently Brooklyn Bowl (opening for rock pioneers Living Colour) to name a few. The group is currently working on their new EP “Freakuency” set to be released in Summer 2015.