STAGE 4 : 5:00 - 5:45 p.m.





"I'm a girl who can't relate to todays music so instead of complaining about it, I made my own"

Michelle Sangalli is a pop singer/songwriter. Her versatile sound and lyrics from the heart can be relatable to the most common emotions. They hold release in anger, sadness, love, strength, revenge, loss, and happiness. “Life is a lot like purgatory, we’re all just put here waiting to find our destiny and our place in the world. I’m reaching for the golden gates of my dream. I’ll either walk on clouds or face the ground. It’s still worth the fight. Every day feels like Christmas Eve to me. I see the gift I was given and I’m dying to rip it open and receive what I’ve been waiting so long to have.” Her strange advantage of “sleepwriting” has left her with over 700 song lyrics that she’s slowly bringing to life more and more with her consistent studio sessions and collaborations. “I do what I do for me, if other people profit from it, even better. Music holds such an important role in this world and if I can contribute to that I’ve reached my goal. I have so much to say I just need a chance for people to listen. If you want to know who I am, just listen to my music.” Michelle has been exploring new depths of music, and bringing a fresh new sound to the table with a bright look. With an album in the works you can look forward to hearing more songs in the next few weeks.
“When I'm in my quietest state, my mind is spiraling with the most hectic visions and dreams. Just know I'm scheming something great.”