STAGE 3 : 12:45 - 1:30 p.m.

GENRE : Pop Rock


Nate Sander is an accomplished musician, accompanist, songwriter, singer, and performer. Since he was four, Nate was drumming on tabletops and carseats until his parents gave in and bought him a drumset. He began piano when he was five.

From drums to guitar to violin to trumpet to piano, Nate has played music for as long as he can remember. Self-taught until the age of 13, Nate now studies piano with Dr. David Crone. For seven years, Nate has participated in NYSSMA and  All County festivals with Warwick school bands and orchestras. He performs with the WVHS jazz band and played with the SUNY Orange Community Orchestra. Nate has also played in more than a dozen musicals and plays for local schools and theater groups in the area.

Recently, Nate won the Woody Herman Jazz Award and was named Best Soloist at the Music in the Parks Festival. He spent the past two summers at the New York State Summer Music Festival at SUNY Oneonta, studying under Brenda Earle as well as participating in Jazz Choir, Jazz Combos, Symphony and Chamber Orchestras.

His debut EP, Only Just Begun, features five original songs that demonstrate his wide range of musical influences and abilities.