STAGE 4 • 5:00p - 5:30p

GENRE OF MUSIC // Rock • Funk • Punk
BASED OUT OF // Beacon, NY


A band raised in the backwoods of Washingtonville. While in high school after seeing each other across the pit at endless local punk shows they decided to start a band to rival all others. And over 13 years later they are still standing. Still performing all throughout the Hudson Valley and greater NYC area. Primarily steeped in rock and funk The Amazing Sensationals are not beholden to any genre. If the Talking Heads were Zappa's backing band and it was produced by Guy and Ian from Fugazi it might sound like the Amazing Sensationals.


Bryan:­ Drums
Nicky: ­Bass
Von Holt: ­Guitar
Xander: Vocals



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